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Dataninja is the next generation online advertising tool with all-in-one-solution system to run advertisements in many networks simultaneously. Comprised of Ads Management, User Tracking, Powerful built-in optimization tool, Simple CRM, Real-Time Reporting system, Website Builder and Communication/Funnel Builder, we aim to give companies one, easy solution to build powerful marketing campaigns and make their digital advertising profitable.

Our simple and unique advertisement creation form will allow companies to create advertisements in several networks with only one click.

Our Built-in tracking system will allow you to see profitability of each advertisement separately, in real time. With DataNinja you no longer need complex integrations with different tools to see exact numbers. We already did that for you. Now, you can avoid hiring many programmers to build complex reporting tools, as our aim is to give you real time simple reports with all the detailed statistics you need to grow the business.

DataNinja will give you access to the most advance conversion optimization and tracking solutions, even if you don’t know digital advertising on the pro level. Our aim is to give companies chance to make digital advertising at the highest level, even without big prior experience of it.

DataNinja has plans for all type of users: small business owners, agencies and big corporations.

Our team has experience of 10 years in digital advertising and we are here to help you get the most successful results with it.


We launch our new beta version soon.
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Tbilisi, Georgia
Tallin, Estonia