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We offer a simple, yet powerful online advertising solution. In one application, we manage ads for your business, automatically place them in the best networks, target the right audience, and track which ones get you sales. So you can focus on what’s most important: your customers.

Combined Real-Time Reporting

DataNinja shows you how profitable each ad you place is, so you’re no longer spending blindly. Our Reporting Module pulls data from all the networks on which you advertise and presents it in easy to use and understand reports.

From One Platform To All Networks

Manage your Facebook ads from Dataninja.

Integrate your Google account with ease.

Built-In Automatic Audiences & Segmentation

Our Audience Generation module creates up to 40 auto-created, optimized audiences based on your website traffic and related audience groups. Retargeting to your customers and lead generation is easy using DataNinja.

Up to 40 Audiences

From your website traffic, which helps you monetize it even better

Recent Visitors

1 054

All People who visited your website in the last 30 days

Video Enthusiasts

1 054

Lookalike from users that have performed a “Lower Intent” event...

Frequent Platinum Value Customers

1 054

Lookalike from Frequent customers with platinum value

Powerful Analytics, exact profit for each advertisement in Real-Time

Understanding the success of your ads seperately increases the performance of your advertising budget.

“Europe’s biggest Finance Affiliate Network definitely suggests DataNinja to our customers”


Founder at

“Getting so many questions about digital advertising from our clients was always a big deal. After using DataNinja for our own success, its now easy to suggest it to our clients as well.”


CTO Mobility

“I cannot stress how important it is to have all of data and reports in one place. Checking Facebook and Google Separately was time consuming. We use DataNinja with its Basic CRM functionality and our advertising performance shows tremendous improvement. We don’t spend our budget blindly anymore and knowing what works makes us more confident!“


Small Business Owner