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↗ Multiple network accounts on one screen
↗ Real time profit/Loss data Per ad/product
↗ Make smart decisions confidently and quickly

↗ Easy 1 click management turn ON/turn OFF adverts across multiple accounts
↗ Easy 1-click ad duplication

Our Basic CRM functionality or Easy Integrations of the most popular platforms.

First-Party data for a cookie-less future. Clear Tracking: See every touchpoint across your customers' entire journey leading to purchase

Integrate your data by Server-Side API integrations to Google and Meta

Our Short URL tracking allows to track not only clicks but also leads, sales, and any data points of need.

Coming soon!

Coming soon!

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Key Features
Reporting & Analytics
Experience centralized access for reviewing reports across multiple Google and Facebook accounts. Gain real-time insights into every campaign, ad group, and ad. Evaluate the profitability of each advertisement and efficiently manage all ads within a single platform.
CRM Module
Using our proprietary basic CRM module or seamlessly integrating your existing CRM offers the capability to observe individual user revenue alongside real-time performance insights of your advertising campaigns.
Automatic Api Conversions
We meticulously trace each user's journey through Pixel and Server Side tracking, seamlessly importing data to Google and Meta via API. Even after a user has left the website, our offline conversions mechanism comes into play. This synergy enables the algorithm to precisely sculpt the user profile you require, significantly enhancing the efficacy of targeting conversion-based ads.
Pixel & Server Side Tracking
Seamlessly integrate Meta and Google's Offline tracking, as well as Pixel Tracking, through our Pixel and Server Side Tracking. This streamlined integration effortlessly channels data to algorithms, allowing you to fully leverage the advantages of conversion-based ads and machine learning.
URL Shortener & Tracking
Simplify and enhance your link management with our URL Shortener & Tracking feature. Monitor link engagement and performance effortlessly.
Facebook Leads Sync
Say goodbye to the hassle of manually downloading Facebook Leads. Our system now syncronizes leads from Meta to CRM, providing an automated process and granting you effortless management capabilities.
Facebook Ads Management
Using our Built-in Offline Conversions API and Conversions-based ads, we provide you with a streamlined form for effortlessly creating algorithm-based campaigns.
Google Ads Management
Boost your your online presence with Google Search Ads, effortlessly managed through our platform. Connect with the right audience and track conversions with ease.
Google Search Ads Management
Elevate your online presence with Google Search Ads, effortlessly managed through our platform. Connect with the right audience and track conversions with ease.
Instagram Ads Management
Easily generate and oversee all meta ads within a single interface, establish conversion-centric advertisements, and harness the power of algorithms to your advantage.
Audience Generation - Coming Soon
Without difficulty build up to highgly 40 optimized audiences with our Audience Generation module. Utilize website traffic insights to fuel precise retargeting and lead generation strategies.
Website Builder - Comming Soon
Craft your online presence seamlessly with our Website Builder. Create a dynamic, user-friendly website that complements your advertising efforts and engages your audience effectively.

The World Class Tracking & Attribution Solution

Restore confidence in your advertising with accurate & actionable reports.

Make Smarter decisions Faster!

Simplify your decision-making with MyDataNinja! Bid farewell to monthly reporting and utilize automation to view real-time data on each advertisement's profitability, costs, sales, and ROI..

Maximize Campaign Success with Custom URL Tracking

Track not only Google Ads and Meta Ads, but also the results from any Custom URL. Are you only tracking clicks and impressions on your URLs? With the assistance of MyDataNinja, you can view sales, leads, and various types of action data for each URL. Utilize this data to make smarter decisions.

Post-iOS 14 Tracking became problem?

As third-party cookies vanish, is your tracking strategy set for the future? With MyDataNinja's pixel tracking and API conversion integrations with Meta and Google Ads, it's easier to make algorithms work for your success.

Easy, Unified Dashboard

Check out our super easy dashboard! Our Customized Widgets help you see all summaries of your business and digital advertising. No more manual work needed—simply connect Google Ads, Meta Ads, and your system to have the most important numbers on hand in real-time.


Do you need an easy and flexible CRM? Our Basic Ninja CRM 1.0 is ready to assist you. Integrate it with Facebook Leads or your third-party data to obtain clear financial numbers. Our CRM’s ready-to-use form builder can be your best friend in making your business succeed.

From One Platform To All Networks

Manage your Facebook ads from MyDataninja.

Integrate your Google account with ease.

Powerful Analytics, exact profit for each advertisement in Real-Time

Understanding the success of your ads seperately increases the performance of your advertising budget.

Time to Increase ROI?

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“I cannot stress how important it is to have all of data and reports in one place. Checking Facebook and Google Separately was time consuming. We use MyDataNinja with its Basic CRM functionality and our advertising performance shows tremendous improvement. We don’t spend our budget blindly anymore and knowing what works makes us more confident!“


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Digital Advertiser

“Thanks to MyDataNinja, our company has witnessed remarkable results and exponential sales (5X-6X) growth. The platform’s innovative tools have made managing multiple advertising accounts easier than ever before. MyDataNinja has been an invaluable partner in helping us scale our digital marketing and achieve new heights of success.”


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