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Facebook Ads and Google Ads Advertising Strategies: 5 PPC Ideas to get high ROI and profitable campaigns

September 26, 2023

Facebook Ads and Google Ads nowadays are very popular among advertisers. Because of their easy and flexible campaign management systems, everybody wants to be part of this game. Especially with the boost button, running ads on Meta seems way easier. But, after the iOS 14 update many things changed.


What happened in the iOS14 Update? 

In 2021 there were significant changes for advertisers. Apple introduced the iOS14 update, which enabled users to have the option to ask not to be tracked by different applications. This affected how Facebook collected and tracked users, meanwhile its performance dropped significantly. That’s why Facebook and Google made changes to their system and to answer the question, how to improve performance is Server-Side Tracking. But let’s talk about this below.

In this blog, we will check 5 different Google and Facebook Advertising strategies, which could help with boosting ROI and overall performance.


1. Testing is the starting point of the whole process

Remember, Testing is the most important and only way to lead high ROI and profitable campaigns. There are lots of advertising strategies, lots of advice and suggestions by numerous experienced or non experienced people. But there is no unique and always working solution. It always depends on your objectives, KPIs and niche, business vertical. Thats why, you have to define strategy, what are your goals to achieve, then decide how to achieve and run multiple types of campaigns to test. 

Sometimes, you can find a very profitable and high ROI campaign which was led by multiple different tests and ideas. So, testing is the number one way in our strategy list


2. CPA or CPC? Conversion based Strategy to have stable and high ROI!

We already mentioned that it always depends on your business goals and objectives. However, at MyDataNinja, we are fully equipped to drive successful Conversion-based campaigns. You can easily understand that we believe in Machine learning and algorithms more than manual click based bidding. Let me explain what I’m trying to define here. 

At MyDataNinja, our approach is driven by a comprehensive set of tools, including CRM data, conversion rules, pixel tracking, and server-side tracking. Our goal is to provide Google and Facebook with as much data as possible. So their algorithms can learn what we need, which type of customers are our buyers and feed their algos so well. By doing so, we can fine-tune their systems to automatically reach our target audience with minimal effort. The idea behind MyDataNinja depends on that. 

Now, let’s explore how all these strategies are different and how each of them can help us achieve high ROI campaigns. 

CPC means mostly Cost Per Click basis advertisements, where we tend to buy traffic from advertising networks on click basis. So, we are telling platforms that our interest is more broad traffic (even we target some demographics) and it’s our calculations how much can be cost per click for our company. 

But, this method has downsides… As Link Clicks in Facebook Ads or Manual CPC in Google Ads strategy can lead to many non intent clicks, we could pay much more or have a non stable number of traffic every day. I would say that this type of strategy often requires much more manual work and analyses on a daily basis to keep the volumes and be in the top of the auction of the advertising networks.

CPA means Cost per Action, but let’s call it Conversion based strategy, So, you take the target price of the action (Order Submit, Lead Submit, Checkout Finish and so on) and algorithms are deciding how they will fulfill your targets. Of course, if it is possible. If your CPA is not valid and the Network thinks that it’s too low, it will suggest to increase the price to have more volumes etc.

This strategy usually leads to more automated work, where the system decides what to do and how to do, to fulfill your targets. You still need to watch overall performance and picture, making decisions. But this method is way better, in terms of long term strategy. 

Important information regarding CPA, is that, you have to feed very clear and correct data to the algorithms, through API or Server Side Tracking. Otherwise, if you don’t send exactly who is and what is your desire, it will bring different results. That’s why, we suggest taking our services, let MyDataNinja help you with implementing all these, to get high ROI and scale fast.


3. Use Tracking to understand what works and why

We all hear about stories that “my CPM has became higher”, “my frequency rates are really bad”, “My ad is getting clicks but no sales”, “My CPC became higher, what to do”, “ad is in learning phase for a long time”, “should I be on first position in Google to get sales?” and etc.

Clearly, all these questions can be valid, and interesting. But people sometimes forget that one and the most important thing at the end is your KPI, your sales in most cases. 

Of course, there can be brand awareness campaigns and other types of campaigns. But let’s talk in this scenario regarding revenue and sales oriented objectives.

Tracking is the most important thing you have to start before launching any advertisements. If you can’t understand how to measure and just watch the number of clicks or price of the CPM, you can be in deep trouble. 

At the end, not the click price or CPM matters. If you are getting sales numbers and revenue, you have an objective. All these, other extra parameters, can be monitored to improve your performance only after you see that something is working and you are getting sales. 

We had many cases, when click price became expansive, but sales became more as well, so where is the problem, if overall because of Q3, Q4 or whatever reason, prices are up or some variables are changed?

Ask yourself, Do you really care to drop Cost per click, if there is 0 sales from the advertisement? 

That’s why, even before testing, you have to track. For tracking purposes, we created different methods at MyDataNinja. We even added URL shortener + Tracker. So you don’t follow only clicks, but see if there are leads and sales as well. 

Trust me, this will help you to clearly understand what works, how it works and why it works. Following this, understanding a clear picture of how your business/ads are performing and converting your customers, can make a clear view of the situation.

There can be lots of attribution methods: 

  • Last Click 
  • First Click 
  • Multi Channel attribution and etc. 

At MyDataNinja we use Last Click attribution which we think gives you an overall picture and insights. But, have to say that watching all types of attribution can lead you to understand what channels are performing and how.

Without tracking and following your objectives, you are just manipulated by different variables and could be lost to find out the final destination. 


4. Warm Up Campaigns before scaling and burning budget

Warming up, especially new accounts, is very important. It can be done by different campaigns and methods, but we could suggest that start with traffic campaigns in Facebook Ads and Maximize clicks in Google.

After some budget spent and seeing customer feedback or engagement, you can switch easily to Conversion based campaigns and scale. 

Don’t start right away from Conversions as before you get some sales and feeding algorithm, could burn your budget.

This is usually the way we do it. But some of our friends start with CPA campaigns right away and spend some budget, knowing that first results could be devastating. But getting data, feeding algos and optimizing according to that, could also lead to successful results.


5. Use cross network Remarketing

Remarketing is the king, but cross network Remarketing is the kingslayer. What do we mean here? 

Using Meta’s pixel and Google’s tags to capture all your website visitors, creating segments from them and making funnels for all these visitors in both networks, could lead to better results. Especially, when you are trying to retain customers, giving them some promotions could be helpful.

Don’t miss this chance, as many of the companies are not doing it properly. 

Customers, who already had successful contact with your company, are way easier to be captured and make interaction with your company again. 

I hope these 5 steps could help you with your marketing objectives and digital advertising adventure. 

We will try to have similar articles about each network with more in depth strategies and action plans, so stay tuned and share your feedback! 

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