Managing Google Ads and Facebook Ads accounts simultaneously from one platform to scale results fast

September 21, 2023

Running Digital Advertisements has never been easy. Especially after iOS14 updates. Now we have Pixel tracking, Server-side Tracking, conversion optimization, multiple big advertising networks etc to manage.

Years before, it was kinda easier as algorithms had better and easier environments to run and bring successful results, without much of integrations and everyday hassle.

It became harder especially for Small and Medium sized businesses, as expertise and technical help became very important to do correct integrations, tracking and data feeding to algorithms to make profitable advertisements on auto mode. Otherwise, there is everyday hassle about managing accounts and looking at all the frequency rations, CPM rates, daily drops etc.

We all have been there and know these pain points…

The Need for Expertise and Integration on Google Ads and Meta Ads

We all heard many questions from businesses, which are stuck on the same level and as soon as they increase budgets to spend more and get more sales, costs are rising much more. So, questions: how to scale sales and digital advertising without rising too much in costs are valid and very often.

Here, we will try to talk about multiple ways to scale your Google PPC and Meta (Facebook) Ads much faster.

Understanding the Algorithms

First of all, Google Ads are way different then Facebook ads and you need to understand how algorithms work to somehow automate its usage for your own gain.

Consultation and Marketing Action Plan

For this Purposes, you can contact us and use our free consultation to check and marketing action plan with those networks.

This method of scale we will talk about here requires managing and having multiple accounts. Of course, all this should be according to terms and conditions of networks. 

PPC Scale tactics and Managing Multiple Ads Accounts

First things first, we need to somehow solve the problem with managing multiple accounts in Google Ads and Facebook Ads. It’s always a time wasting thing, to visit each network, refresh different accounts separately and check their results. Especially, if you don’t have correct tracking and need to download data and somehow merge with something. This is the worst scenario.

Exactly, for this purpose, at MyDataNinja, we created a solution we call, a “Bird-Eye” Reporting, where all accounts costs and revenue are fetched automatically and could be viewed in one place.

Where you can check Ad Sets, Ad Groups and Campaign level data from Google Ads and Facebook Ads together, manage and filter easily, turn off with just one click. 

This helps a lot, as you can easily, within a few minutes, find out what works and make faster decisions. Especially, if you have hundreds of advertisements and ad groups.

After solving this problem, now let’s talk about scaling strategy. Once you have multiple ad sets on one account with one brand and their targeting is crossing each other, its “over killing” account usage and algorithms are not scaling your results. That’s why you need to create new accounts, especially on Meta, so you avoid overlapping. 

How to scale sales and Avoiding Account Overlaps

We have heard many times that even the same ads on Meta, could result with various results on different accounts, so, this could be taken into consideration as well.

Google PPC, is a different story. Creating multiple accounts under MCC in Google Ads, is also could be better for different URLs and projects, as this helps with segmentation and if also problems with account health.

If there can be issues with one account, the second continues to work. Beware, using the same URLs on the different accounts could lead with trouble, that is why it’s better to use different accounts in Google, only for different projects.

Many MyDataNinja clients used this strategy and saw better overall results, so, it was worth sharing with you.

HoraCredit Grows ROI by 3X and Sales 4X – Georgian E-commerce brand grow ROI from 12% to 28%

Please, Share your thoughts about these strategies, if you ever used them or are going to try. Send us your feedback and results!

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