How to Add Websites on MyDataNinja and What Are Pixels

June 10, 2024

Website adding is a simple and straightforward process on the MyDataNinja platform. After adding your website to our simple platform, you will be introduced to the MyDataNinja pixels. Now we will go through the website-adding process and tell you about our very own MyDataNinja pixels.

How To Attach Your Website To MyDataNinja

As we already mentioned, adding your website to MyDataNinja is a straightforward process, you simply enter the domain you want to connect, and after that, a script will be generated which you should add to your website.

Then, go back to MyDataNinja and hit the verify connection button, you will be redirected to the loader screen and after that, you’ll see the domain successfully added sign.

Congratulations, you have successfully attached your website URL to the MyDataNinja platform.

How To Generate MyDataNinja Pixels

After you attach your website to our workspace, your own unique NJ pixel is automatically generated. It comes with an additional feature though, if you don’t want to add different Meta and Google pixels (and G-tags) to your website separately, you can choose which pixels/G-tags you want to load and our NJ pixel will automatically load it on your website.

For you to see your Google and Meta accounts and easily add pixels to them, you need to add those accounts to the MyDataNinja platform, for more information you can read our tutorial about “How To Connect Your Ad Accounts To MyDataNinja”. If you decide, you can add more accounts by choosing the new ones and then hitting the update button.


What is MyDataNinja Pixel

Oh, now this is the most interesting part, MyDataNinja pixels, let’s dive into them, shall we? MyDataNinja JS snippets, so-called NJ pixels are used to track everything from your customer clicking on your ad and entering the website to a potential purchase, and everything in between.

These NJ pixels are crucial for customer tracking. So we came up with our very own pixels, which are automatically generated by our system and are unique to every website you add to MyDataNinja

When a customer visits your website, our pixels generate a user ID, which saves information about them and recognizes their other visits. after that, our NJ pixels track their every move on your website.

Why Should You Use NJ Pixels

You might be asking yourself, why should I use NJ pixels to track? First of all, if you want to use MyDataNinja to track your ads, you should use NJ pixels, otherwise, you can’t track through us. But for now, let’s put that aside and talk about our benefits.

Also, if you use our plugin for Shopify or WooCommerce, our plugin automatically adds your website and loads pixels for you. If you use our CRM and decide to add our CRM form, NJ pixels will be automatically integrated.

We don’t use third-party cookies and we have the easiest pixel and G-tag management system. It’s so easy and comfortable to use that you will be amazed after trying it.

This is why we recommend our 7-day free trial, join us and make your work easier and better.


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